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2020 Goal-Setting: How to Organize and Set Up for Success

I've never been one to list resolutions.

Besides the actual date, not all too much changes in the new year. Your job will be there. Projects will still be waiting. And the pressures from the previous year will carry over.

Sound too negative? Don't fret. It's a healthy reality check. And not the only chance in 365 days you have a for a fresh start.

Just think about how populated the gyms are and will be for the next few weeks. It's a drastic change we put on ourselves to be better, and anything less makes us feel like a failure. This can be an overwhelming and an unhealthy pressure. Not that everybody will be defeated by their 2020 high hopes, but falling from them can be enough to deter and scratch new year goals at all. This is why I've begun thinking on a smaller, but just as effective level. I want to share my mentality going into the new year and just how I'm focusing on my daily life and a few simple goals rather than an overarching resolution. And it all starts with your daily life.


Embrace My Morning.

I, like many others, will sleep in if I can. But lately I've been adjusting my schedule to leave

more time in the mornings, which are now my favorite hours of the day. Now I know not everyone is a morning person, but I'd be lying if I said the days where I was up with sun didn't feel a lot longer, productive, and worthwhile. Of course, this is much easier said than done.

Write a to-do list right before you head to sleep the night before. This way you'll not only clear your mind of lingering tasks before sleep, but you'll have your priorities straight to get moving right when you wake up.

Checking things off early I've found has helped my mentality for the rest of the day. You carry yourself a little higher and feel a bit more settled and accomplished mentally. This healthy mindset is a sort of addiction I have that can only be fulfilled by early rising and shortening the to-do list.


What makes you FEEL good?

What is one small thing you can drop, add, or change to make the biggest difference in your life?

This is often the toughest question and one I can only offer reflective insight on. For me, I'm working on sticking to a skincare regimen. I know when my skin is clear and I feel awake I often hold myself with a bit more confidence. It's little things like this that make me feel a bit more comfortable when my day consists of sitting in front of a camera or meeting someone new. And do you know how much time it takes? Maybe just another five minutes of my morning.

Coffee is also my get-out-of-bed motivation. It's something as silly as my favorite oat milk that puts me on the right foot. Or, if we need an extra mojo, maybe we pick up a latte from the cafe on the corner. It's said so often don't mistake it for a cliche - but treat yourself. Don't make it your new standard (that's not usually healthy mentally or financially) but don't be afraid of what you deserve.

This can also be things like calling a friend, and not just any friend - that one that makes you FEEL good. The one that roots for you in every situation.

Or, maybe it's dropping social media for at least the first few hours of the day. Sounds almost impossible, right? I'll admit. It's the very first thing I do in the morning.

I have heard some great stories of it making some of my friends feel better, or not. It's up to you. Not everything works for everyone. Give it a shot. You've got 365 days in the year to find what YOUR thing is. No matter how long it takes, it'll be worth it.


Having a System... and Sticking to It.

I'm a sucker for a good list. My mind tends to move a million miles a minute and if there isn't a tangible procedure taken care of, then my actions will look just like the haphazardness of my mind. Whew!

What's your system? And HOW will you stick to it?

It can't be a system, especially an effective one, if it doesn't become part of your day naturally. Therefore, don't think of something to alternative or out of the ordinary. What's something you already do, or almost do, that you enjoy and you can see yourself doing?

Setting my bed is another routine that I recently learned not everybody does. This was engrained in me since I was young and remains a necessity if I'm to remain feeling good. I also like to pick up my room right before I sleep to ensure I wake up to a clear space for a clear mind. As I've moved around a lot lately, jumping from Boston to New York to Sydney to San Francisco in one year, I've learned the importance of creating your space. Your space is your system. Where things are includes your muscle memory. A simplified home life means you've got more space for creativity and exploration mentally - something we all need to find what our bliss will be.


Be Clear, but Realistic. You Deserve That.

I tend to be a dreamer more than a realist, but like most things a little balance between both is healthiest. We'll keep this one short and sweet. A clear, well-defined goal is most tangible and therefore most motivating. But I've had my fair share of falling short and it's a tough reality to have.

Now, I'm one to also shoot for the stars - but don't set yourself up for something your gut tells you not to. If you're not a runner, maybe don't go for that marathon just yet. How can you attain a stepping stone goal? We work on our own timelines, which is why I ditch the calendar for goal-setting most of the time. Hit that mile time first, then shoot for the marathon. That boost of pride will set you up for a greater success and at the end of the day, it's another goal achieved and another goal to be set. And you've never heard to achieve something then just...stop, right?


Always Have a Motivator

I'm motivated by timelines, deadlines, and pressure. But there's no one healthy motivator. Yours can be a friend, a special event, or even just your own wellbeing. There should always be something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. If you can't think of something then that should be your goal. Having something you care about is what gives purpose.

So as we enter not only a new year but a new decade, don't become tangled up in a new gym membership, organizational system that doesn't excite you, or social goal that feels more draining than it should. There's no one that knows yourself better than you. So as you head to bed and wake up into the morning, what excites you? What needs to be done to help you feel a little better, more accomplished, and the person we're always told we can be. Try to find that this year, and if not try again next year. A year is just days. Nothing really changes on January 1. You can grow year-round.

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