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How I Celebrated Album Release Weekend

This is a sponsored post with YOTEL.

Three years of my life led up to February 7, 2020. Boys Do Cry, my third album, documented so vividly my college experience and first few years of young adulthood. It's a memoir of transparency that I was almost too excited to share to feel a single butterfly in my stomach.

The week and days surrounding the release of an album can be, well... crazy. It's a combination of excitement and wanting to cheers and celebrate while remembering this is a job and there's always more work to do. So I decided to share just what a weekend in my life as a singer/songwriter and college student in Boston is like, especially as I release a project as substantial as this. Special thanks to YOTEL for giving me the perfect space to celebrate with friends and check off my busy to-do list.


Album release day! After a tiring week of interviews and press, I woke up Friday with a spring in my step and messages from all over the world about how people were resonating with this album. It's an absolutely surreal feeling as something that was only on my phone for years can now be accessed anywhere.

Friday started with rehearsals for a live broadcast we're working on. Then, I headed to my one class for the day (can't forget I'm still in school!) Tickets for my tour went live so my team and I watched as the first few people bought tickets to my 2020 summer tour. We had a quick meeting (we always follow what we call our "two week method," always planning everything at least two weeks in advance) including tour rehearsals, press days, and future interviews and special things I need to be sure to share out.

Then, we headed to Boston's Seaport (one of my absolute favorite and modern areas of the city) to check in to YOTEL. In the car we snapchatted fans listening to the album to say thanks and hear which songs were everyone's favorite.

That morning we premiered Song Association (a new challenge inspired by Elle Magazine) and then premiered the music video for Boys Do Cry, the title track, featuring some old friends and some new. YouTube's new live premiere feature allows my team, the director of the video, and all the fans to chat live as the video goes up.

We checked into YOTEL and explored the space and area. Even in the heart of Boston's winter, the modern spaceship-like cabins feel warm and bright, with views every Bostonian would die for.

That night, we had a super small album release party with some friends in Seaport. Right across from YOTEL is one of Seaport's best buildings full of bars, bowling alleys, shopping, and more. You really couldn't ask for a better location.

After some glasses of wine and the perfect end to a crazy day, I fell asleep faster than I ever had before. Might of been how tired I was, but was probably the adjustable bed at YOTEL. I probably could have slept all weekend with those blackout curtains.


Because YOTEL's windows flooded the room with natural light, we decided to film a few videos to promote the album. After a couple hours of work, I met up with a friend to explore more of the Seaport area. We found a quiet, comfortable coffee shop and caught up over a latte. Seaport is really one of the best areas, and the recent renovations make it an oasis for a weekend getaway.

After some school work and a quick photoshoot, we called it a day and ex


After a quick and easy check-out at YOTEL, it was time to say bye and head back to BU. A few phone calls and interviews later, I was back home and heading to one more rehearsal before our live show the following week. My team and I met up again to discuss the weekend and our plan moving forward the next few months (and figuring out the nearest YOTEL to each show this summer!)

And one essay, a quick school project, and a load of laundry later, Sunday night had arrived. A quick Oscars party and one last glass of wine ended one of the best weekends ever. It was surely a whirlwind, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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You can stream my brand new album, Boys Do Cry, on Spotify now.


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