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Things for Quarantine: Eight Tips for Self Isolation

If you're a bit like me, you've started getting a little stir crazy. Due to health regulations and recent decisions, most of us are enjoying a required (but much deserved?) staycation. Whether you're working from home, binging another Netflix show, or just spending time with family, I'm sharing a few quick tips to get you through this... well, unnatural isolation.

1. Stick to your routine

Keep what you can the same. In a time of uncertainty and change, it's best to keep what you can. Wake up at the same time. Eat breakfast at the same time. Shower when you usually do. It's little things that'll keep you on track and feeling normal.

2. Exercise and get moving

It took me a while to realize how much less I was actually moving. Whether you went to the gym or not, you're missing your usual step count. Go for a walk if you can or run around the block once a day. That's a habit I've adopted to not only get me out of my house, but feeling energized and content with my self care.

3. Switch up your scenery

You likely have your spot in your home. Your most comfortable place for working, reading, or scrolling through TikTok for hours. It may be time to give that up. Let go of that comfort zone and move about your house for a change of scenery. It sounds simple but will help keep your attention and alertness going.

4. Get excited about meals

You don't need to go all Top Chef on us for this one. No need to cram making dinner between the end of your work day and dinnertime. You've got that time now. Try out some new meals, expand your chef expertise, or even bake. Whether it be for yourself or the neighbors who could use a little love, it'll occupy some time and help you feel productive.

5. Focus on work, and then enjoy your play

Minimize distractions. It's easy to feel almost too relaxed. I mean, why not take a quick break, look at your phone, or grab a snack? You've got a lot more distractions at home so don't let a simple task in the office take hours. Get it done so you can validate any feelings of binge-watching TV or doing something special.

6. Keep in contact with familiar faces

Whether you share a space or not, we can agree that a long time with anyone will get even ourselves on our nerves. Keep your social circles active. Call friends, host virtual happy hours, and touch base with those who may need to hear a friendly voice. It'll go a long way - especially since we forget that well, everyone else in the world is going through the same thing.

7. Try something new, or find a passion project

This one has me really excited! If you follow all these previous tips, you'll actually probably still find some extra time in your day. It's time to pick up that passion project! Don't worry - but people will probably ask what you did during the month (or months?) of self isolation. I've been working on my guitar skills, freshening up some French vocabulary that has drifted away, and been helping my parents with a few projects. Whether big or small, this is a great opportunity to check off those life-long to-do's!

8. Discover new music

I'll make this one easy for you! I compiled a playlist of some of my favorite upbeat but good vibe anthems. Check it out:

I sincerely hope you're all staying well and healthy. Looking forward to being able to be back to normal, head out on tour this summer, and say hey to everybody again. Remember to support local businesses, call and check in on people, and take care of yourself, too. We'll be in touch - I'm not going anywhere!


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